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“I want you inside me. I don’t care where or how.”

And that’s why he liked her. She’d been direct since he’d first met her, and he’d had a feeling she’d be like that with sex, too. He wasn’t wrong.

He paused at the entrance to her pussy, watching as she rested her head against the wall and met his gaze. When he eased inside her, her lips parted and her eyes widened.

Yeah, she was tight, her pussy grabbing onto him and quivering as he seated himself fully inside her. He shuddered as she grabbed onto his shoulders, wrapped one leg around his hip, then began to move as he pumped. And with each thrust, she tightened.

She was going to go off again. He loved a responsive woman.

“You going to come again for me?” he asked.

She met his gaze. “Yes. Fuck me like that and I’ll come. Rub against me and I’ll come.”

He drove into her, then rubbed his body against hers. She dug her nails into his shoulders. She was so close he could feel the quivering inside her.

“Yeah,” he said, taking her mouth in a deep kiss that sent her over the edge. She whimpered against his lips as she came, and he thrust hard, then groaned with her as his orgasm hit. He grabbed her ass and squeezed as he powered inside her and shuddered, the blast of his climax making him dizzy.

It took him a minute to catch his breath.

“Well, that was enjoyable,” she said.

He smiled against her neck, then lifted his head and grinned. “It was, wasn’t it?”

“I definitely had a good time, and I wasn’t even invited.”

Tori gasped

Alex jerked his head at the familiar voice coming from the side of the room.

Oh, shit.

“Ben, what the hell are you doing here?”

Chapter Four

Tori looked from Alex to the dark-haired man wearing shorts and a T-shirt and an awfully amused expression on his face.

She looked back at Alex. “Who the hell is he?”

Alex turned his attention to Tori. “Ben. Remember, I told you about him?”

“Right now I’m naked, you’re still inside me and we have an audience. I don’t remember much of anything.”

She gave him a pointed look.

“Right. Ben. Piss off for a minute, will ya?”

Ben shrugged. “Sure.”

He walked out of the room, giving Tori and Alex time to disengage. Then Alex led her to his bedroom, complete with a bathroom where Tori could wash up and get dressed.

“Ben. That’s your business manager or something?”

“Yeah. And one of my sponsors. A good friend, actually. I’ve known him since I was a teenager.”

She turned her back to Alex, who helped her zip her dress. “I remember you mentioning him now. “So you’re rooming with him?”

“Yes.” He kissed the back of her neck. “I’m really sorry. He wasn’t supposed to be in until tomorrow. I would have never done that . . . in the living room . . . if I’d known he was here.”

She turned to face him. “It’s okay. It’s just sex and I’m way too old to be embarrassed.”

He took her hand. “You’re making me like you more and more, you know that?”

She laughed. “Let’s go out and officially meet your friend Ben.”

Alex led her down the hall and back into the living room. Ben had grabbed a beer. He was sitting on one of the chairs at the island in the kitchen.

The suite was set up much like hers, with a living room and dining room area, and a kitchenette with sink and bar.

“Ben Reynolds, this is Victoria Baldwin.”

Ben stood and held out his hand. “Nice to meet you, Victoria.”

She gave him a wry smile. “You too, Ben. I guess we’ll all be very close friends now.”

He laughed. “I guess so. Sorry about that.”

“Not a problem.”

“You could have told me you were coming in early,” Alex said as he walked around the island and grabbed two beers from the refrigerator. He held them up to Victoria, who shook her head. “Water instead?”

“That would be great, thank you.”

“I didn’t think I’d need to. Sorry again,” Ben said.

“Why the change in plans?” Alex handed the water to Victoria.

“I got a chance to hop on an earlier flight and took it. Figured I’d catch up on some sleep.” Ben turned to Victoria. “I’ve been traveling a lot the past couple weeks and shifting through a lot of time zones, so jet lag has me screwed up. I had intended to be passed out.”

“Obviously you weren’t,” she said. “Instead, you got a sex show.”

He tipped the beer to his lips and smiled. “Yeah, thanks for that. It was quite an exhibition.”

“My pleasure.”

“Sure looked that way from where I was standing. I’m glad I got off the phone in time to leave my room and see it.”

“You’re a dick, Ben,” Alex said, with a laugh and a shake of his head.

Ben tipped his beer to Alex. “So tell me what I’ve missed, besides you landing the most beautiful woman on the island.”

Victoria couldn’t help but be charmed by the compliment. As Alex filled Ben in on surfing competition stuff, she gave Ben a once-over.

Despite being sleep-deprived and jet-lagged, she definitely noticed Ben was an attractive man. In his mid-forties, she guessed, he had dark hair, slightly graying at the temples, but he was solidly built. About six-two, well tanned, he had stunning steel-gray eyes and full lips with a couple days’ worth of stubble on his jaw that screamed rugged and utterly masculine. He looked like he belonged in a jungle somewhere, which Tori found utterly desirable in a man.

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