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He stood, grabbed a condom out of his pocket and dropped his board shorts. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and stroked the hot, heavy shaft in her hand.

“That’s it,” he said. “I like your hands on me, Victoria.”

She stepped back so she could wriggle out of her swimsuit bottom while he applied the condom.

He backed her against the wall, lifted her hands above her head and slid into her, then took her mouth in a blistering kiss while he thrusted and grinded against her, rubbing her clit in a perfect way that made her temperature rise in the hot shack.

His tongue warred with hers, a perfect thrust and parry, matching the movements of his cock, which seemed to swell even larger inside of her.

He pulled his mouth away and laid his forehead against hers.

She was panting, hot and sweaty, fired up and filled with Ben. And the way he moved against her made her tighten around him, her pussy quivering.

“Are you gonna come for me again?” he asked as he drove deeply into her.

“Yes. Oh, yes.”

“I’m so ready to shoot hard into you, Victoria. Make us both come.”

She moaned at his words, and when he pulled the cups of her bathing suit top aside and sucked her nipple, she orgasmed, her pussy gripping his cock in a tight vise as contractions rippled through her.

With a loud groan, Ben drove hard into her. She held tight to him as he came, giving her everything she could possibly want at that moment. And when he kissed her, it was fierce and passionate as he rode out his orgasm.

His lips gentled on hers, his hands stroking down her slick, sweat-soaked back.

She pressed a kiss to his chest. “That was . . . everything.”

His tipped her chin so she met his gaze. “Jesus, Victoria. I lose myself when I’m inside of you. And all I can feel is you and me—like we’re one.”

She shivered at his words. Powerful words that she wanted to contemplate, but not here. And not now.

“Come on,” he said, his lips curving in a teasing smile to break that suddenly serious mood he’d created. “Let’s head out before someone finds us in here fucking like teenagers.”

She laughed.

They righted their clothing and Ben unlocked the door, took a quick look outside, then they exited the shack. He disposed of the condom in a nearby trashcan, then they made their way back to the SUV.

“I’m really looking forward to the water now,” she said.

He grinned. “Me, too. You made me sweat.”

He carried both boards down to the edge of the water, then handed her one of them. She attached the surfboard leash to her ankle.

“Need any instructions?”

“It’s been a while. The last thing I remember is to stay balanced and don’t fall.”

“Okay. We’ll go through a few things to remind you. Which foot do you put forward if you were on slippery ice and you were going to fall?”

She thought about it for a minute and put her left foot forward.

“Okay, so you’ll want to use your right foot to steer, so when you pop up on the board, slide your left foot forward and your right foot back.”

He worked with her on the sand, making sure she had an understanding about how to pop up—first crouching, then standing—once she caught a wave.

Once she had enough confidence, she was ready for the water.

“Remember to use your back foot to steer,” he said.

“Got it. Let’s do this. I’m hot.”

“Yeah, you are.”

She shook her head, but smiled at him. Ben took the lead and she paddled out behind him. He was the expert and she intended to let him show her the right waves.

They finally got to where Ben wanted them, water-wise and she turned her board around and sat up next to Ben, the waves undulating underneath them.

He passed up a few, explained that some were too rough, some too high, some too puny.

“Good wave coming up,” he said, pouncing onto his feet in a crouched position. “Get ready.”

She did the same, and when the wave hit, she tried to balance herself and ride it.

This was not like riding a bicycle. She had forgotten how to surf, so while Ben rode the wave easily, she only made it a few feet before she tumbled off the board and had to pull herself up and try again.

And again.

And again.

It was exhausting, but Ben came back out each time and rode with her, giving her encouraging words and telling her she could definitely get up.

When she fell again, she was pissed.

“You can do this,” Ben said. “Balance is the hardest thing. Try just going up on one knee first. Once you grab your balance that way, you’ll be able to stand.”

“I’ll try.”

She was determined to succeed, so next time she did the one knee thing, and got up that way. She didn’t make it all the way into the wave, falling off halfway, but it was something.

Ben caught up to her and smiled. “See? Progress. You’ll get there.”

“Yes, I will.”

She was nothing if not determined. She’d stand on this damn board. Sometime today. Maybe.

After several more attempts, she finally stood, on a very small wave that she rode all the way onto shore. It was the most exhilarating ride she’d ever taken.

She raised her arms in triumph. Ben was there to swoop her off the board and plant a hot kiss on her lips.

“I did it.”

He grinned. “Yeah, you did. I told you that you could.”

She swept her hair off her face, staring out at the water. “It was work.” She blew out a breath.

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