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Alex backed her up, leading her toward the living room, his mouth still latched onto hers. She cupped his hard-on, and he groaned, pulling her down on top of him on the sofa.

Stretched out on top of all that lean muscle was a treat. She lifted and stared down at him, rewarded with his killer grin. He clutched her hips and dragged her against his shaft, causing sparks of pleasure to heat her from the inside out.

“I like you on top of me, Tori.”

She pulled her top off, then stood, wriggling out of her pants before climbing on top of him again. She undid her bikini top and tossed that away. “Touch me,” she said, desperate to feel Alex’s hands on her.

He obliged her greedily, grasping her breasts and rolling the nipples until she was nothing more than a puddle of aching, aroused flesh. She surged against him, her bikini-clad bottom rolling over his erection. She reached between them and palmed him, teasing his flesh until he let out a curse.

He lifted her and carried her to the bedroom. “I need to fuck you.”

“Yes,” she said, her pussy quivering in anticipation.

He dropped her onto the bed and grabbed one of the condoms she’d laid out on the nightstand. He dropped his board shorts and put on the condom while she shimmied out of her bikini bottoms. She started to scoot back, but Alex grabbed her ankle.

“Stay here,” he said. “Just like this.”

She planted her feet flat on the bed and widened her legs. Alex stepped to the edge of the bed and fit his cock at the entrance to her pussy, then leaned forward, bracing his hands on the bed as he eased inside her. He focused his gaze on her face and she held tight to his forearms and he pushed inside her, the look on his face telling her it felt as good to him as it did to her.

“Tell me what you feel,” he said.

“I love the way you swell inside me, the way my pussy grabs onto your cock, like it never wants to let you go.”

His lips curved. “Yeah. You have my cock in a stranglehold, squeezing me hard.” He pulled partway out, then began a slow slide inside her again. “That feels so good, Tori.”

She shuddered, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts. It didn’t stay slow for long, and she didn’t want it to. She could tell he was as pent up and eager as she was, and before long she had pulled him on top of her and he had fucked her halfway across the bed. He scooped his hand under her butt, raising her to meet every thrust. And when he rolled his hips, his body rubbing the sensitive tissue of her clit, she gritted her teeth.

“Come on me,” he whispered, his words dark and promising as he moved inside her. “You know you want to come.”

She dug her nails into his shoulders and wrapped her legs around him, her climax so close she felt suspended. It was right there. “Yes. Yes, make me come.”

He levered his hips, and rocked sideways again, giving her exactly what she needed.

“Oh, yes.” Her orgasm was intense, and when she came, Alex began to pump in earnest, intensifying the relentless waves of pleasure that rolled over her. And when he groaned and kissed her deeply as he came, she held tight to him and lifted while he buried himself deep inside her.

Spent and satisfied, she reached up to push away the hair that had fallen over his brow. Alex rolled to his side, taking her with him.

“Now I might be too wiped out to surf today.”

She smacked his arm. “Don’t even say that. I’d feel terrible.”

He laughed and pressed a kiss to her shoulder. “I’m just kidding. Sex reenergizes me. I could fuck you six times and still handle a day’s worth of waves.”

The things he said made desire flame low in her belly. They were still connected, and the thought of doing it again sparked. “I have all the time in the world. You’re the one on a schedule.”

He pulled out, disposed of the condom, then reached for another one, tossing it next to them on the bed as he pulled Tori on top of him. “My schedule is embedded in my head like a clock lives in there, honey.” He grasped her hips and she rolled against him, his cock hardening underneath her.

“So does that mean you want to do this again?”

She loved the way he looked at her, that surge of heat and desire and need that made her hot all over.

“Yeah. I want you to fuck me, Tori. Just like this.”

That was one of the highlights of having sex with younger guys. They had a surplus of stamina, and they thought about sex a lot. A man like Alex was perfect for a vacation fling. She wanted sex and a lot of it, and he was ideal for her needs right now.

Alex’s eyes were on her breasts, and as he grasped them and held them in his hands, she grabbed the condom and tore it open. He watched her as she slid down to apply the condom, unable to resist taking a quick swipe of the head of his cock with her tongue.

“Fuck, yeah. I like that, Tori.”

She lifted her head and smiled at him, then took his cockhead between her lips, rolling her tongue over it. He shuddered, his lids dropping half-closed, his breathing labored as she took him deep between her lips, then all the way into her mouth. His deep breaths told her he liked what she was doing, and tasting him turned her on as much as it did him. Her nipples were aching points, tightening as he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth.

He withdrew and pulled her up. “You can suck me later. I want you to ride me.”

Always happy to oblige, she rolled the condom on, then seated herself over his shaft, teasing him by sliding down ever so slowly onto his cock. He grabbed her hips and held her as she lowered herself on him, then clenched his fingers as she buried him in her.

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