Author: L.H. Cosway

Category: Fantasy , Romance

Status: Full

Series: The Ultimate Power

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Rating 9

Crimson (The Ultimate Power #2.5)

One chance meeting can change everything.

Meet Ethan Cristescu, vampire and owner of the Crimson night club.

Ethan enjoys the good things in life, the company of beautiful women and a sip of blood every now and again. Little does he know everything is going to change in his perfectly ordered world when a frightened woman who smells of sunshine walks into his club. This woman is nothing like those Ethan normally admires, yet when her big blue eyes latch onto his he is suddenly enthralled and determined to discover what she is. How can she smell like the sun? And how is she able to withstand his powers of compulsion?

Crimson is a novella of The Ultimate Power Series, telling Ethan's tale of the night he first met Tegan and how inviting her into his life would inevitably alter it.

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